Q: For how long have you been associated with Alpha Data?

George: It’s been a fruitful 22 years.

Q: Can you please share how was the experience of working with Alpha Data been?

George: It has been a wonderful experience being associated with Alpha Data all these years.

Q: What do you like the most about working at Alpha Data?

George: The work environment, the support of the management and the cordial relationship we share with our co-workers is what makes working in Alpha Data a pleasant experience day in and day out. We consider each other as a part of the larger family.

Q: What has been the most important learning experience in your life?

George: The way we work in Alpha Data like a team has made me consider myself as a strong team player which has also helped me as an individual in my personal life.

Q: Share one thing that you have done/achieved will instantly make you feel totally and undeniably proud of yourself.

George: Today I feel proud because I have done my best to keep the company satisfied with my work I do and will ensure to do the same till the end of my service.

Q: Anything that you would like to recommend for change/improvement at Alpha Data?

George: At present everything is fine the way it is taking place.

Q: Where do you picture yourself five years down the line?

George: If by the grace of God I am allowed the strength to serve the company for 2 or 3 more pleasant years, I would enjoy that finally before moving back to my home country to be with my family.