Q: For how long have you been associated with Alpha Data?

Saleem: 10 years.

Q: Can you please share how was the experience of working with Alpha Data been?

Saleem: I’m happy to work with wonderful colleagues specially the Hr & Admin Team who are always there to support me whether personal or professional challenges.

Q: What do you like the most about working at Alpha Data?

Saleem: Alpha Data always treated all their staff with respect and make them feel that they are part of Alpha Data family.

Q: What has been the most important learning experience in your life?

Saleem: Hard work never fails.

Q: Share one thing that you have done/achieved will instantly make you feel totally and undeniably proud of yourself.

Saleem: For my hard work I received the best employer award from Alpha Data which makes me proud.

Q: Anything that you would like to recommend for change/improvement at Alpha Data?

Saleem: Keep motivating all the employees with rewards and recognition.

Q: Where do you picture yourself five years down the line?

Saleem: I would like to be in PRO team forever.