IBM Aspera on Cloud helps organizations collaborate over cloud by quickly exchanging data of all sizes

IBM Aspera on Cloud — all of your data, none of the waiting

IBM Aspera® on Cloud is a hosted service to quickly and reliably move and share your files and data sets of any size and type across a hybrid cloud environment — up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP (2.6 MB).

  • Seamlessly access data stored across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers.
  • Move files of any size and volume over any distance at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions.
  • Collaborate with internal and external users, while controlling access to your data.

Industry Benefits

Media and entertainment

Transform content production and delivery by leveraging digital file- and stream-based workflows that span cloud and on-premises infrastructures.


Offer better in-store experiences involving rich digital media that’s been electronically delivered to stores. Refine the customer experience based on insights from customer data.

Banking and Financial Markets

Reinvent the modern financial institution by enabling big data analytics, batch processing and insurance claims and appraisals from the field.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Accelerate global engineering and design processes through high-speed sharing of design files, source code synchronization and ingest into predictive analytics tools.

Life sciences and healthcare

Accelerate breakthroughs in research and medicine by helping distributed teams collaborate on large genomic data and medical images.

Oil and gas

Provide more cost-effective detection and tapping of new energy sources with faster capture and high-performance computing (HPC) analysis of remote seismic data.

How clients use Aspera on Cloud

High-speed access to data in a hybrid cloud

View and transfer files across almost any cloud or on-premises storage system with a single interface.

Data migration to, from and between clouds

Migrate massive volumes of unstructured data at high speed across all market-leading cloud platforms.

Fast, reliable and secure file sharing and exchange

Drag and drop large files and folders to send or share data with any authorized individual or group of users.

High-speed transfer-enabled applications

Use published IBM Aspera® APIs to extend existing web and mobile applications to include fast file transfer.

Package delivery to anyone around the world

Deliver packages of files to recipients anywhere. Include external users in package delivery and content-submission requests.


IBM Aspera FASP high-speed transport

Learn how Aspera on Cloud offers maximum speed and reliability, extraordinary bandwidth control, complete security and a flexible and open architecture.


Aspera direct-to-cloud storage

Read how the Aspera FASP high-speed transport platform provides high-performance security-rich WAN transport of large data sets to, from and between cloud storage.


Aspera cloud services information security practices

Read how Aspera cloud services deliver a comprehensive approach and rich set of capabilities that follow disciplined, automated, state-of-the-art security processes.


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