The need for secure, zero-trust networking is growing as campus networks become more distributed and offsite IT teams become the norm. Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network controller and management dashboard that lets you take charge of your network, optimize your Cisco investment, secure your remote workforce, and lower your IT spending. Full automation capabilities for provisioning and change management are enhanced with AI/ML enhanced analytics that pull streaming telemetry from everywhere in the network. Applications, services, and users are prioritized based on business goals, within policy parameters and security best-practices. Shortcomings in network, application, or device performance are flagged, and instant remediation guidance saves hours of IT troubleshooting. This interconnection of automation and assurance forms a continuous validation-and-verification loop, checking alignment of network operation with business intent. Through open APIs and SDKs, third-party technologies can be run on top of Cisco DNA Center and benefit from its powerful network visibility. This new Cisco DNA Center is an open, extensible platform for streamlining IT workflows and greater business innovation.


Make NetOps easier

Automation and workflows simplify, empower, and streamline network management.

Simplify AIOps

Improve network visibility and performance with AI/ML and machine reasoning.

Facilitate SecOps

Assure zero-trust networking using AI and automation to untangle policy and segmentation complexity.


Scale your wireless network with ease

  • AI-driven heat maps display more than just coverage..

  • Gain insights into performance, interference, and application experience.

  • Use packet capture for on-demand statistics.

  • Receive guided remediation based on AI-baselining.

Provide a secure zero-trust network

  • Identify, authorize, and classify new endpoints and users.

  • Have group-based policies follow users and endpoints.

  • Demystify and facilitate complex segmentation with AI policy analytics.

  • Optimize security policies for better performance.


86% reduction in unplanned downtime

The survey data obtained and applied to IDC’s Business Value model showed that study participants realized significant value with the Cisco solution set.

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