Cisco & Alpha Data Security Solution for Data in Motion & Rest

Cisco & Alpha data integrated portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence, Cisco gives you the scope, scale, and capabilities to keep up with the complexity and volume of threats. Putting security above everything helps you innovate while keeping your assets safe. Cisco prioritizes security in all that we do. Only with Cisco can you attain effective network security to face tomorrow’s evolving threats.


Modern data centers need a new security approach

Be proactive in protecting your data center with complete visibility, multilayered segmentation, and threat protection that follow the workload everywhere.


Cisco Secure Data Center solutions for…

Physical data center

Physical data center

Safeguard legacy applications and your most business-critical data with complete visibility and control.

Hybrid cloud

Implement real-time policy enforcement and visibility that follow the workload everywhere.

Private cloud

Provide consistent, comprehensive security across virtual and physical resources.

Public cloud

Ensure privacy and confidentiality with greater application visibility and control.



See everything, with complete visibility of users, devices, networks, applications, workloads, and processes.


Reduce the attack surface. Prevent attackers from moving laterally with granular control from the network to the individual application.

Threat protection

Stop the breach. Quickly detect, block, and respond to attacks before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations.

How to deploy

Best practices to keep your data center more secure.

Protect your business

Learn how to secure business workflows against threats.


Automate security provisioning

Create operational efficiency with flexible, integrated security


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