Secure access for your workforce, workloads, and workplace

Zero trust is a comprehensive approach to securing all access across your networks, applications, and environment. This approach helps secure access from users, end-user devices, APIs, IoT, microservices, containers, and more. It protects your workforce, workloads, and workplace.

Zero trust explained

What is zero trust?

Assume zero trust when someone or something requests access to work assets. You must first verify their trustworthiness before granting access.

Why Cisco Zero Trust?

The Cisco Zero Trust security framework helps you prevent unauthorized access, contain breaches, and reduce the risk of an attacker’s lateral movement through your network.

Modern enterprise challenges

Increased access

With more users, devices, and connections than ever across your network, applications, and in the cloud, how can you ensure that the right access is granted to each?

Increased attack surface

Having more users, devices (including IoT), applications, and servers expands your network perimeter. How can you exert control and reduce your overall attack surface?

Gaps in visibility

Your network has devices, users, wireless, and other connections. Meanwhile, your applications, servers, and databases are all talking to each other. How can you gain insight into potential security gaps?

A comprehensive zero-trust security approach

Better secure access across your applications and environment, from any user, device, and location. Cisco Zero Trust helps protect your workforce, workloads, and workplace.

Cisco Zero Trust allows you to:

  • Consistently enforce policy-based controls
  • Gain visibility into users, devices, components, and more across your entire environment
  • Get detailed logs, reports, and alerts that can help you better detect and respond to threats

Provide more secure access, protect against gaps in visibility, and reduce your attack surface with Cisco Zero Trust.

Zero trust for the workforce

Duo secures your workforce

Duo Security helps protect your users and their devices against stolen credentials, phishing, and other identity-based attacks. It verifies users’ identities and establishes device trust before granting access to applications.

User identity

Verify users’ identities with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

User devices

Gain device visibility and establish trust with endpoint health and management status.


Enforce access policies for every app with adaptive and role-based access controls.

Zero trust for workload

Tetration secures your workloads

Secure your hybrid, multicloud workloads and contain lateral movement with application segmentation from Cisco Tetration. Get complete visibility and determine the dependencies within databases and applications.

Visibility into workloads

Gain visibility into what is running and what is critical by identifying workloads and enforcing policies.

Application segmentation

Contain breaches and minimize lateral movement with application micro-segmentation.

Security alerts

Alert or block communication if policy is violated by continuously monitoring and responding to indicators of compromise.

Zero trust for workplace

SD-Access secures your workplace

Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) helps you gain insight into users and devices; and identify threats and maintain control over all connections across your network, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices like cameras, manufacturing equipment, heart pumps, and more.

Network access

Grant the right level of network access to users and devices with network authentication and authorization.

Network segmentation

Classify and segment users, devices, and applications on your network with network segmentation.

Contain threats

Contain infected endpoints and revoke network access by continuously monitoring and responding to threats.

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