IDC forecasts that over 75% of infrastructure in edge locations will be consumed and operated as-a-service by 2024, as will more than half of data center infrastructure. For service providers with the right skills and IT infrastructure in place, this spells enormous opportunity.

This is where an everything-as-a-service platform such as HPE GreenLake can give you a vital edge. It enables you to pay only for the computing power and storage you need and use.


Why HPE GreenLake Edge-To-Cloud Platform

The cloud that comes to you – wherever your apps and data live.

The Cloud Experience Where You Need It

Gain the agility and financial flexibility your business needs to move faster. With roughly 70% of apps and data still residing on premises, the HPE GreenLake platform delivers the cloud experience across your edges, colocations and data centres.

Get Started Quickly

Accelerate your business outcomes with the widest portfolio of on-premises cloud services, fast delivery and over 12 years of consumption-based experience.

Your Ecosystem, One Experience

Innovate faster and deliver on your business needs with customer-ready solutions built on the HPE GreenLake platform and a robust ecosystem of partners, resellers and service providers. The cloud experience really is that simple.

The Cloud That Comes To You

You can’t send everything to the cloud. But you can bring the cloud to everything. The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform has emerged as an innovative new choice. It’s the cloud that comes to you, across your edges, datacenters, colocations, and clouds, delivering flexibility, scalability, and ease of operation wherever your apps and data live.

It’s edge to cloud

Your data isn’t confined to the data center anymore. It’s being generated, in staggering volumes, at the edge. And the edge itself is expanding and evolving. It’s no longer just a branch office or remote facility. It’s retail sales points, oil rigs, airports, vehicles…It’s everywhere outside the cloud, and it’s where the data action is. With an edge-to-cloud platform, the edge is now a transformation destination.

It’s as a service

On-premises cloud services combine infrastructure, platforms, and automation and management services to give you the same point-and-click experience that you get from the public cloud. You can achieve the benefits of transformation for all of your apps and data – wherever they reside – on a massive scale. And you can start small with workload-specific solutions focused on your most important business outcomes.

It’s as easy as public cloud

Here’s how it works: your platform provider stands up infrastructure in the location of your choice, but retains ownership. Advanced metering technologies track your usage of the equipment and software, and you pay based on what you use, above a reserve. Just as in the public cloud, the provider takes care of everyday operations like updates, patches and routine support.

Taking HPE GreenLake outside your data center

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HPE GreenLake with colocation combines the benefits of a public cloud-like experience while letting customers keep full control of the IT with the advantages of colocation.

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