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Alphadata offers an unprecedented network of support that is bound to launch your business to new heights. Our experienced team of consultants are here to help you every step of the way and implement the solution on your behalf. Our in-depth understanding of Microsoft Azure will not only help you take advantage of its features, but will also give you peace of mind. Leave the operations to us and focus on what brings the highest ROI for your business.

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Cloud Power At Its Best

Get acquainted with Microsoft Azure and discover why it is the best growing collection of integrated cloud services for your business.

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Get more done

Everyone can be more productive than ever before with Azure. The plethora of templates, tools and managed services are by far the
easiest way for you to manage all your applications in real time,
irrespective of the platform. What’s best is that you will be using technologies that you already know and love.

Extend your existing IT

With Azure, you can provision a separate, private section of the cloud where you can manage all your resources and tools. Enlarge the
capacity of your current in-house infrastructure and create an ultra-productive corporate network.

Pay as you go

It’s great to pay only what you actually owe. Microsoft Azure’s pay as you go services give you the possibility to scale up or down to match existing market conditions. What’s more, we guarantee that we will always match any competitor’s prices.

Protect your data

We know all too well that many business owners do not trust the cloud when it comes to sensitive information. That is the reason why Microsoft is committed to offer unparalleled protection and privacy. Not only does Azure adopts the rigorous privacy standard ISO 27018 but is also the first provider recognized by the EU’s
data protection authority.

Extend your existing IT

We can confidently guarantee top-notch performance
everywhere on the planet. This is because Microsoft
Azure manages a global network of private data
centers across 22 regions.

Rely on a trusted cloud

Irrespective of the workload, Azure is always going to
provide. Whether you are trying to launch a global
product or simply test a project in a secure
environment, you can rely on us.

With Microsoft Azure, we managed to activate the system and integrated our data streams right from the get go. We started processing information in absence of DevOps help. I strongly believe that we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off with a DIY solution.

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