Create thousands of customized Live Video & Information Help Points

No app required

Easy to use

Qr/NFC/Web links

Deploy anywhere

Web browser compatibility


Fixed Teleportal™ Video Concierge.

Teleportivity lets you scale, push and pull your very best staff where they’re required; control high traffic locations; and provide a constant, seamless customer experience, perfectly complementing our mobile platform to create a holistic, unparalleled customer experience.

Just tap for assistance

Instantly Access a Video Concierge

On-Demand Assistance from the support team

Be everywhere!

If you need to jump from the fixed help-desk screen to your customers smartphone, do so in seconds! Simply present a QR code or web link and “jump” straight to your customer’s device! (No app required)

Scan QR with your smartphone

Continue consultation anywhere you need it

Patent pending Jump Screen technology

Teleportivity’s patented “jump” screen technology allows your support staff to proactively jump “in” and “out” of screens, allowing full movement between screens and locations seamlessly.

Jump Screen Technology

Your instantly scalable video helpdesk

  • Scale, push and pull your very best staff where they’re required
  • Control high traffic locations
  • Provide a constant, seamless customer experience

Video Support From Anywhere in the world

Your support team can access the system through a PC web browser, or can also download mobile apps (iOS/Android) to provide video help-desk support wherever they are!


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