Alpha Data Solutions

Alpha Data’s Solutions’ team provides a complete range of servers, storage solutions, printing solutions, security solutions and services to a variety of sectors across the UAE. The integration of IT technologies to deliver business value to our customers is Alpha Data’s primary focus and market differentiator. To deliver a successful integration of complex systems requires both specialized skills and the right level of experience. Our team consists of highly certified professionals, many with over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry.

We recognize that key areas of importance for our customers when considering an IT solution are based around four crucial perspectives: availability, adaptability, manageability and security. Our offering reflects this understanding and our solutions are designed to deliver based on these perspectives. Alpha Data’s offering is divided into a products and a solutions range, depending on the scale and nature of our client’s requirements.


Alpha Data specializes in providing quality security services for a wide range of needs. As part of its steadfast commitment to enhancing the security of an organization
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The advent of modern technology has led to the development of devices that are increasingly more compact and mobile.
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Big Data

With a growing volume of data, big businesses rely on analytics to make use of information to propel growth.
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The Internet of Things is here and information accessibility to the network is even more profound as homes, buildings,
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Cloud computing is one of the most recent resource-efficient discovery of the modern IT as software and hardware resources
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Infrastructure Services

Alpha Data’s range of infrastructure services are implemented by IT integrators that understand the business,
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End-User Solution

Alpha Data is a trusted partner of end-user solutions for a wide range of business technology needs
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Software Solutions

Alpha Data provides a number of value added software solutions designed to address an organization’s unique needs.
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ELV Solution

Structured Cabling and Cabinet Solution: Alpha Data provides versatile solutions for various needs including,
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