Alpha Data provides a number of value added software solutions designed to address an organization’s unique needs.

ADM: Application Delivery Management (ADM) Solutions efficiently streamlines application delivery in a secure manner while providing an excellent user experience through the power of Big Data.

ITOM: IT operations management facilitates all aspects of the IT infrastructure, including capacity, performance and networking, among other key factors. This is especially crucial for IT companies that are required to provide high quality support to digital organizations.

Information Security: Alpha Data offers its competent and highly skilled team of experts to provide key insights and offer world class support according to the needs of the customer. Alpha Data’s security portfolio comprises of several key segments including Compliance Framework Consultancy, as per international standards; Security Auditing Consultancy, particularly Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Compliance Audits; and finally, Cyber threats Detection Consultancy featuring SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool consultancy SIEM tool performance optimization consultancy and USMS as a Service through Alpha Cloud

Business Community and Disaster Recovery: Alpha Data provides comprehensive High availability (HA) and clustering solutions based on Microsoft, HP Servers and Storage for Microsoft, Linux and HP-UX Platforms; Data Replication Solutions based on products from XOSoft and HP providing maximum uptime and quick recovery from disasters, which are designed according to the best international practices to optimize WAN links to DR Sites as well using the WX Products; and, lastly, Enterprise Backup Solutions to deliver comprehensive data protection in a comprehensive, centralized backup and recovery solution for enterprises.