Empowering the Business First Cloud Journey

Transform Your Business: Unleash the Power of the Cloud with Alpha Data:

Alpha Data and AWS have joined forces to deliver industry-leading ‘Business First’ solutions to more than 50 local organizations in just two years. We cover all major sectors.

Our success stems from combining Alpha Data’s deep industry knowledge and technical expertise with AWS’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. This powerful duo has a proven track record of helping businesses excel in the ever-changing cloud environment.

Whether you’re a cloud newcomer or looking to get more out of existing investments, our partnership can guide you through the complexities of cloud computing. We’ll help you achieve remarkable growth, agility, and innovation.


Partner Level

Advanced consulting partner of Amazon Web Services.



Supporting our customers at every stage in their cloud journeys.


Partner Competencies

Alpha Data holds 2 Competencies and 10+ SDPs.

Industry Solutions


Energy & Utilities

Enable smart grid management, efficient energy distribution, and real-time monitoring for sustainable practices.


Secure and scalable platforms for real-time transactions, data analytics, and enhanced customer.


Life Sciences & Med Devices

Securely managing sensitive data, accelerate research, and enable collaborative breakthroughs.



Optimized production processes, real-time monitoring, and streamlined supply chain management.



Enabling streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and enhanced customer experiences through secure and scalable digital platforms.



Accelerate research, improve patient care coordination, secure data and maintain compliance.



Automotive innovation with connected vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, and enhanced vehicle performance analytics.



Dynamic e-commerce platforms, personalized customer experiences, and efficient inventory management.


Capital Markets

Rapid data processing, advanced analytics, and seamless collaboration, driving informed


Travel and Logistics

Enabling real-time fleet management, predictive maintenance, and seamless integration of connected vehicles for safer and more efficient mobility.


Communications, Media and Information Services

Delivering scalable platforms for content distribution, real-time streaming, and interactive audience engagement.

High Tech

Agile infrastructure, rapid software development, and scalable resources for innovation and digital transformation.


Consumer Goods

Optimize supply chain logistics, enable real-time inventory tracking, and facilitate seamless online and offline shopping experiences.


Public Sector

Enabling efficient government operations, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced citizen services.

Services & Solutions


Contact Center

Scalable and flexible solutions for omnichannel customer interactions, real-time analytics, and improved agent efficiency.


Microsoft Workloads

In this ever-evolving landscape of technology, collaborations between industry giants often lead to innovative solutions that transform businesses.


Cloud Migration & Management Services

Seamless transition, optimization, and ongoing maintenance of business operations in cloud environments, ensuring efficiency, security, and scalability.


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Balance scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness while maintaining control over critical data and applications.


Data Analytics & Big Data Solutions

Leverage data-driven insights to improve decision-making, predict trends, and enhance customer experiences.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Solutions

Advanced data analysis, predictive insights, and automation, empowering smarter decisions, personalized experiences, and innovation.


Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Seamless connectivity, real-time data processing, and remote device management, enabling innovative solutions and actionable insights for the Internet of Things ecosystem.



Seamless connectivity and enhanced network reliability for businesses.


AI and Automation

Driven Contact Center Transformation by Alpha Data FullStride Cloud and AWS.


Disaster Recovery Solutions

Reliable data backup, seamless failover, and rapid recovery capabilities, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime in case of unexpected disruptions.


DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Services

Streamlined software development, automated testing, and continuous integration and deployment, ensuring rapid and reliable application delivery in cloud environments.


Managed Services

Outsource the management of AWS solutions to Alpha Data, allowing the company to focus on its core business, ensuring optimal performance and support.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on Cloud

Streamlined business processes, centralized data management, and real-time insights, enabling organizations to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making.


Application Modernization Services

Transformation of legacy systems into agile, scalable, and cloud-native applications, driving efficiency, innovation, and alignment with modern business needs.

Our Services:

aws redshift

AWS Redshift

As an AWS Advanced Partner, we invite you to explore the incredible capabilities of Amazon Redshift. This powerful data warehousing solution can transform your business by enabling faster analytics, deeper insights, and data-driven decision-making. We’ll guide you through Redshift’s key features and best practices, and show you how partnering with us can elevate your data analytics to new heights.

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AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Discover the best path to cloud migration and cost reduction with the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA). This complimentary program empowers both new and existing customers to assess and optimize their on-premises and cloud environments, reduce required instances, and enhance resource efficiency.

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AWS Migration Acceleration Program

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive and proven cloud migration program based upon AWS’s experience migrating thousands of enterprise customers to the cloud. Enterprise migrations can be complex and time-consuming, but MAP can help you accelerate your cloud migration and modernization journey with an outcome-driven methodology.

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AWS Migration

Embark on a transformative journey to the cloud with Alpha Data, your trusted partner in AWS for seamless Migration. As businesses evolve, the need for agile, scalable, and secure cloud solutions has never been more critical. We are the gateway to a seamless migration experience, unlocking the full potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with our proven expertise.

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AWS Web Application Firewall

In today’s threat landscape, robust security is paramount. AWS WAF acts as your digital shield, safeguarding your web applications from a constant barrage of cyberattacks. This sophisticated solution protects against common vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, ensuring your applications remain secure and reliable.

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Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Alpha Data offers a one-stop shop for migrating, implementing, and managing your entire Microsoft environment on AWS. Our team of over 160 certified professionals ensures 24/7 support and proactive AI-powered monitoring. With extensive experience managing thousands of databases, servers, and Microsoft 365 users, we provide complete governance, optimization, and support for both Microsoft and AWS services.

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Zero Trust Data Security

Stay ahead of the curve with Alpha Data as your innovation partner. We fuel your journey with relentless research, strategic partnerships, and a forward-thinking approach, enabling you to embrace emerging technologies and seize new opportunities with confidence.

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Case Studies

GEMS Education Case Study

GEMS Education

From seamless scalability with AWS Auto Scaling to enhanced fault tolerance with Multi-AZ Deployment, we could optimize costs, boost security, and amplify efficiency.

Emirates Health Services

AWS transforms our metaverse journey into a seamless, scalable, and secure odyssey, optimizing costs, empowering flexibility, and unleashing unparalleled performance for the future of our digital landscape.

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