Azure migration and modernization solutions

Alpha Data is a Microsoft partner that offers cloud migration and modernization support for applications, data, and infrastructure using Azure.

Alpha Data’s Approach

Cost Optimization and Sustainability Benefits

Expert Help and Resources

Assess environment, plan migration, design security, governance, data, and networking using Microsoft’s frameworks and tools.
Subsidized Azure technical training, free tools for efficient and cost-effective cloud operations, environmentally friendly outcomes.
Guidance from Azure engineers and experts, variety of learning options, personalized, self-guided resources to build cloud skills and readiness.

Our Offerings

Assessment and Planning:

Alpha Data provides comprehensive assessment and planning services leveraging Azure Migrate. Our experts assess on-premises environments to identify workloads suitable for migration and create a detailed migration plan.

Migration Services:

Alpha Data offers migration services utilizing Azure Site Recovery and Azure Database Migration Service. We ensure seamless migration of on-premises servers, databases, and applications to Azure, minimizing downtime and risk.

Database Modernization:

With expertise in Azure SQL Database, Alpha Data helps modernize SQL Server databases, optimizing performance, and leveraging advanced features for scalability and security.

Application Modernization:

Alpha Data assists in modernizing applications using Azure App Service and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). We help organizations containerize applications, adopt microservices architecture, and leverage PaaS offerings for enhanced agility and scalability.

Identity and Access Management:

Alpha Data specializes in integrating Azure Active Directory (AAD) for modernizing identity and access management. We ensure secure authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Azure workloads.

DevOps Enablement:

Alpha Data enables DevOps practices using Azure DevOps. We help organizations automate software delivery pipelines, implement version control, and streamline collaboration for accelerated development cycles.

Cloud Operations and Management:

Alpha Data offers ongoing cloud operations and management services, ensuring optimal performance, security, and cost-efficiency of Azure environments. We provide monitoring, optimization, and support to maximize the value of Azure investments.

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