Timeline: Year 1981.

Raegan and Brezhnev were busy with what they did best – Cold war. NASA launched the world’s first space shuttle – Columbia. IBM introduced the first ‘Personal Computer’ with Microsoft’s operating system, MS DOS. Many of you reading this blog were not born. For some of you, the biggest priority in life was the very next diaper change. I was struggling in Grade 5, was wondering whether I would ever pass 10th Grade.

A young engineer named Fayez Ibbini, who had relocated from UK to the UAE, founded Alpha Data and embarked on a journey, which would eventually inspire, gravitate and cater to a thousand people, their families and dependents. Time takes its toll on everyone, but the determined. With a long sailor at the helm, this company has evolved from what it was to become one of the best places to work as it is today.


During past 36 years, Alpha has seen it all – from the PC revolution of early 1980’s, Ethernet revolution of 90’s, Internet, .com explosion to the current digital disruption. Here we are, with all those tidal waves behind us, due to one reason – the way we chose to respond.


Many of us, coming from different places, different backgrounds and different companies, were lucky to be a part of this amazing platform to learn, work and lead a quality life. It is important that we, the inheritors take a moment to acknowledge the contribution and efforts of the leader and some great people who built this company brick by brick, block by block.

More than 3 years with Alpha, I have been trying to understand why are we successful. We do not invent technologies, we do not possess any IP, we are not in a monopoly market and we do not carry any significant political clout. In my opinion the foremost reason is the people behind this well-oiled engine. Our very existence today is a testament to the unlimited capacity of human potential. Three most critical success factors for you to consider, agree or disagree.

  • We are authentic. Most lasting companies are.
  • The brand Alpha is not a result of any continuous, targeted propaganda or campaigns. This brand is built through human spirit.
  • We look after well the three pillars of our business – Employees, Customers and Partners.

No doubt, those who could understand and conceive these ideas have been extremely successful with us.


Inheritance brings fortune and responsibility alike. While we delightedly occupy the space given to us, it’s also our obligation to take the legacy forward to a bigger and better future. This very blog reflects the open atmosphere this company offers to express your feelings, voice your opinion, and share ideas. I am confident that this openness will continue as longs as we keep rowing together in one direction regardless of our personal preferences and views.




Success is not a status that we can be comfortable with. We should rather be paranoid of losing that status.  We have a good history and story to tell. But history alone will not help in future. It is our belief and actions that will take us from here. I don’t think we need to tax our brains worrying about where we go from here. Believe and act on a few fundamentals, future will take care of itself.

  • Take pride in Alpha – the name, people and values.
  • Enjoy and take advantage of quality of life and enormous learning opportunities that this company offers.
  • Never cease to transform – in your thoughts and actions.


Sajeev K. Perunnelly is Director-Sales in Alpha Data. Sajeev is an avid blogger and passionate about reading.

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