Big Data – What’s new in UAE and why do you need it?

Data that seems intimidating enough for a conventional system to handle due to size (volume), flowing too quickly (velocity) or changing accuracy(veracity) and maybe unstructured is called Big Data. Sounds familiar? Your tweets, comments on Facebook, view about stock exchange performance on an investment blog, your dislike for a hotel visit on travel portal, snap-stories, Instagram–stories all contribute to create big data. To analyze such an enormous amount of data, filter useful information, find a pattern and predict an event based on it needs engagement and deployment of serious data analytical tools. By looking at what and how we see this value hidden in exabytes of data, Big Data Analytics promises to reshape business activities by providing speed, efficiency, and accuracy, a real-time decision-making ability that would result in enhancing customer experiences.

Big Data Companies strive to understand the problems their client’s face, dive into the problem, attempt to understand causality – why it happened and then use data patterns to predict the next such event, and in the process, build an agile solution to convert the presented challenge into a revenue-generating opportunity. A company adopting such technology is promised a competitive edge and a first mover advantage.

With UAE being always at the forefront of technology adoption and its 10 Million population always hungry for an enhanced customer experience, businesses continue to look for faster decision making, ability to alter the decision making path midway based on updated information, understanding the customer needs in real time and aim to provide them that very solution – Big Data Analytics seems like a perfect fit. UAE is riding the big data wave, with Dnata attempting to focus on AI-based travel experience, Netflix providing demographics based content, and Smart Data Summit coming up in April 2019 being a mere reflection of a new future being shaped before our eyes.

The applicability of Big Data Companies, strategies, and solutions they offer for UAE lies across a spectrum of Traffic Management, Mobility Services, Parking solution, Shopping Experience, and Event Experiences. This big data bandwagon incorporating BI tools, real-time data mining & analytics enable to achieve greater success. A recent report indicated that in the Middle East- big data, business intelligence, and analytics market is estimated to reach $12.38 Billion by 2020. Alpha Data- an ISO certified provider- has been a core part of this big data revolution providing its GCC clients cutting edge solutions.

We believe any problem a client brings should be approached systematically, building a data flow of information, applying state of the art analytical tools, engage predictive modeling while keeping the focus on the end game – a cost-effective solution for the client that is user-friendly for the customer. With global pioneer Digital Transformation partners like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cloud Era, Hadoop, Informatica, Tableau and several other cutting edge technology partners, we continue to contribute towards the Big Data Revolution that promises to alter the customer experience reality.

Article written by Geetika Sood, Manager – IOT & Big Data-Analytics Practice, Alpha Data.

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