Enterprise Mobility and Important Usage of it

As organizations grow they need to empower and manage employee mobility, they need to adapt and evolve in order to meet security, agility and productivity demands. The traditional workstyle of behind a desk at all times is a concept being phased out, as employees are more likely to work from outside the office and frequently be using mobile devices to complete business tasks. With a continued shift in work habits, increase in bring your own device (BYOD) implementation, the industry has witnessed an exponential growth in mobility interest and enterprise adoption. “Enterprise mobility is an approach to work using a variety of devices and applications on the go”.

With employees actively embracing smartphones and tablets for work, enterprise asset security and mobility management becomes an arduous challenge. Although mobile devices improve employee work productivity by allowing employee flexibility, ease of access and to work on the go, an increasing number of access points into organization’s enterprise system architecture continue to pose a serious threat to organizational security through identity theft, data loss or leakage and threats of malware.

Flexibility and efficiency gained from enterprise mobility can reduce overheads; provided – a robust security governance framework is established, clear protocols are implemented and adhered to. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) not only provides the resources and devices to people needed to enable true mobility by allowing access into enterprise digital assets but also ensures the very security of these remote access points through mobility devices. EMM addresses such threats and beyond, by maintaining proprietary control, ensuring the integrity of enterprise network, preventing critical data loss, system downtime and any unauthorized access to enterprise assets. At its core, a robust EMM solution should address Mobile Device Visibility, Secured Access to enterprise applications along with data and malware protection and later expand the solution spectrum to cover secure web sessions preventing attacks, application performance and monitoring, application catalogs and integration to cloud services.

Alpha Data being a regional frontrunner in mobility solutions, pledges to ensure the integrity of an organization’s security measures for BYOD implementation and beyond. Alpha Data efficiently enables mobility solutions, centralizes end-user info to ensure better transparency and safeguards all aspects of the enterprise digital assets against potential threats along the way.

Article by Deepak M.S, Manager – Mobility Practice, Alpha Data.

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