IT Service and Support – How to Choose an IT Service and Support Provider in UAE

Every company striving to achieve competitive advantage in its line of business and seeking to provide its clientele a satisfactory customer experience, requires that its information technology architecture serves as its central nervous system and always provides a smooth functioning of its enterprise’s operations. Be it a commercial bank looking to improve its digital footprint, an FMCG upgrading its CRM to improve client service or a hypermarket optimizing its inventory value chain, IT support services is an essential requirement. To cater to an elaborate spectrum of industries, IT Service Providers offer a wide range of off-the-shelf as well as customizable solutions. Due to increased demand for services required in the context of digitization bandwagon with companies aiming to reduce overheads and derive higher ROI from their value chain, the UAE Economy has witnessed significant growth in the IT industry. With new IT Service Providers coming into the market, the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, and it has indeed become a daunting task to choose the right IT Support Provider in the UAE.

Every company eyeing the end goal – increase shareholder value- would want an IT service provider with necessary expertise not just in terms of solutions they provide, but also a team that is highly qualified in their domain knowledge, have significant experience in delivering similar projects within competitive timelines and one that can manage client expectations professionally. You would want to be associated with an IT service partner that commands a leading industry position and a meticulous reputation with a proven track record.

When you want to put your company on a path of growth, you need an IT Service Partner that provides the necessary support not just for now but 1 year, 3 years or 5 years down the road. Your requirements continue to become more complex so your partner’s scalability, their flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics and their agility to enhance their sophistication and expertise, counts as one of the most crucial aspects.

A Client expects a service provider he can rely on and when such a provider delivers the promised level of service, ensures an overall improvement and leaves the client with a positive difference, the success stories resonate in the industry. It is of the utmost importance that a service provider puts emphasis on defending client’s confidentiality, protection of their digital assets and adherence not only to regulatory and compliance standards but also abides by best market practices.

Clients expect their service provider to be competitively priced based on the level of service they seek. They should demonstrate in their pitch that their pricing would provide a high ROI for the capital expenditure being shelled and the values and synergies derived would outweigh this expense.

We, at Alpha Data have helped many corporate and commercial entities achieve their business objectives through implementing state of the art information technology infrastructures that are sustainable and scalable. Being on the forefront of advancements of IT Support Services in MENA Region through our ever-progressive endeavors, we have carried out our mission to bring out the best in our end customers, employees, and society at large.

Article written by Farid Abou El Fetouh, Director – Services, Alpha Data.

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