Why Your Business Must Move To Cloud Networks

The cloud economy has grown significantly over the recent years. Increasing number of organizations are recognizing the many benefits of moving to cloud networks and infrastructures. However, there still remain several companies who are not convinced about the advantages of cloud, some do not know how to go about it and there are others who believe their businesses are not big enough to make that transition. This is especially true for regional firms who continue to grapple their way when it comes to cloud-managed networks.

What’s important to keep in mind is that no matter what stage your business is at, moving to cloud networks will be inevitable. Most small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to deliver the same performance as larger companies with fewer resources. Cloud-managed networks can be the answer to meet these increasingly demanding expectations from digital-savvy customers.

According to research firm IDC, spending on cloud IT infrastructure is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 7.5%, reaching $94.5 billion in 2023 and accounting for 57.6% of total IT infrastructure spend.

If this statistic alone wasn’t compelling enough, here are few more reasons to help you decide why your business must make the transition to cloud-managed networks today.

Cost-savings: Cost-savings is the biggest benefit of cloud. Operating and running a data center is an expensive affair. Selecting the right systems and tools, recruiting the right talent to oversee it and ensuring regular maintenance can cost you an arm and a leg. With cloud, you can pay-as-you-grow. You can purchase what is needed depending on your current requirements such as specific features, storage, number of users, memory space and so on. You can build on it as your business grows to the next level.

Scalability and Flexibility: The freedom that cloud technologies offer is incomparable. With cloud and a fast Internet connection, you can do business from anywhere. This provides flexibility for employees who can now stay at home or be on the move and still be “working”. This means employers can commission a greater number of employees to work away from the office and save costs on workstations, office space, utilities and so on. Cloud-based solutions and services also enable a company to be more agile and make quicker business decisions.

It provides infrastructures that can be effortlessly deployed with built-in tools to analyze network performance data.

Security and Disaster Recovery: Employees loosing or misplacing their laptops and mobile devices are not unheard of. When this happens, organizations face the risk of losing data and being victims of data breaches. However, if your workloads are on cloud networks, you can easily access, block or recover data remotely. Things like server crashes or power failures no longer need to disrupt your workflow or employee productivity. Cloud-managed networks come with integrated security controls and intrusion detection, which protect data from malware and unauthorized users. With data being the biggest asset of the digital age, companies should look at empowering their businesses with cloud.

As the digital wave engulfs businesses, companies are compelled to up the ante when offering services and solutions to customers to differentiate from competition. Organizations must have clear differentiators to retain customers. Having the right data and analyzing insights will continue to be critical for the success of a company. This data will grow exponentially as the business flourishes to new heights and legacy infrastructures will fall short drastically when it comes to storing and handling it. This is why it is imperative for organizations to make the transition to cloud networks and avail its benefits.

At Alpha Data, we enable and guide customers to move to cloud-managed networks with pioneering technologies. Together with innovation from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, we host thought-leadership events and round tables to help customers understand the process. We deliver proof of value at customer premises to help them successfully adopt cloud-managed networks.

Article written by Biju Bhaskaran – Presales Manager, Alpha Data.

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